About Anara and Chris

Anara Whitebear and Chris Katsaropoulos open portals of connection to multidimensional Star Beings through channeled sound. Anara was born a Sound Shaman, Intuitive Healer, Channel and Empath. Anara has taught channeled classes and provided counseling for Starseeds since 2000. Her channeled Star Being Transmissions appear regularly in Sedona Journal of Emergence. Chris is a Chant Master with an intuitive understanding of Spirit at the highest levels. He is the author of more than a dozen books, including five critically-acclaimed novels, True Disclosure, Antiphony, Entrevoir, Fragile and Unilateral, as well as Harbinger of the Night and Complex Knowing, two collections of his poetry. Together, Anara and Chris bring the highest frequencies of love and light for sacred healing and new levels of Spiritual knowing. They have recently published their first book together, Living in the Realm of Awakening, a collection of transmissions and downloads of the highest wisdom from multidimensional Star Beings from across the galaxy.

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These Are the Times of the Star Beings

Oize the Andromedan

I am a creative force as you are. I experience in much the same way you do, only I know to enjoy all that I experience without fear.

I know to fully bring my being into every moment without fear. I know that this is the life force of the Universe, to experience each moment, to feel, to sense. You are blessed in your physical bodies to feel the way you do. We wish for you to understand this, that your body is a gift and that all that you feel is a gift and not a burden.


Each moment you sense with what you know in your physicality. You may taste, you may smell, you may hear, you may touch, and these are gifts. And they are going to become heightened, for as you become a Star Being your senses become heightened. Instead of being disturbed by the heightening of your senses, learn to appreciate the gift it is to be, to feel in the physical.


This is a reason for you to be here as well, for through you others are experiencing the senses. There are beings who merge, who are blessed by your physicality. You may sense at times there are beings within you who see through your eyes, for your seeing is different. You see things in colors and texture, it is different… and your taste, your taste. To appreciate all that you eat into your body, to know that this is a gift to be able to have.


You look to the stars and you wonder, “What is it like to be a Star Being? Who are they? What do they experience?”


We experience energy, our touch as the beings that I am is lighter than yours. We feel some physicality, but not like you do. Your body feels, to know the senses as sensuous and to experience from there.


There are beings who are asking. You might feel it as if somebody is standing beside you, they are asking permission, and so your inner hearing must be developed and trusted. They are asking to merge with you to experience your physicality as a Star Being. This is available to you if you choose to allow, and if you choose not to, this is okay too. But as your light increases, it will become easier for you to merge with the beings and to understand that you are giving them a gift as well as them gifting you.

These are the times of the Star Beings. These are the times when the Star Beings become present on Earth as awakened ones. You may think you are only physical, but you are less physical than you think you are. Yet these bodies are giving you the ability to embrace this Earthly experience in gratitude. And in this gratitude there are more beings that will want to experience through you… five, ten, twenty, many many beings.


Do not think of yourself as a being who only connects with a certain other being. You came here as a light on Earth to activate not only other beings of physicality on Earth, but to activate the Star Beings through physicality as well to allow us to know your experience in the many dimensions of what it means to be physical. For as you know yourself as a multi-dimensional being and you look towards the Fifth Dimension, we say to you, there is no reason to think of leaving the third, for this is also your service—to allow us to experience through you.


And your heart now expands and becomes the White Light that now is throughout your field and now reaches out into the Universe, and you may experience us as we experience you. For in your understanding, you already know that we are one. We are not separate, we are one.


This being, this little Star Being is experiencing his physicality in joy, in wonder. This is how we experience your physicality, in joy and in wonder, and how you are learning to do the same. Being a Star Being means you will enjoy your time on this planet even more.