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Living in the Realm of Awakening

Living in the Realm of Awakening brings you a collection of transmissions and downloads of the highest wisdom from multidimensional Star Beings from across the galaxy, channeled through noted sound shaman, Anara WhiteBear. Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, the Hathors, and Oize the Andromedan bring multidimensional galactic activations that will expand your consciousness and bring you to new levels of spiritual awakening and ascension.

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True Disclosure

True Disclosure is the story of a Star Being in the form of a young human named Cat McLaurin, who is open enough to the true nature of reality to experience the highest dimensions beyond time and space, even as she has visions of the hidden history of planet Earth - from the destruction of Atlantis, the true nature of the Grays and the beings known as the Watchers, through to the Secret Societies and "User" aliens such as the Annunaki and Nephilim, who have been running the planet for their own purposes for untold ages.

Cat is charged with using her telepathic power to locate an indie rock star named Iron Isaac, who has gone AWOL on a drug-hazed bender two days before he is due to appear on stage at Coachella for the biggest performance of his life. Cat and Isaac share the uncommon bond of seeing the world as poets do, in all its beauty and sorrow. As we experience what it's like to be a multi-dimensional Star Being on Earth through the eyes of Cat, we come to discover the Secret that Time Forgot: We Never Die, and one moment of pure love can tip the scales and outweigh all the hate and killing combined, to save this amazing little jewel of a planet of called Earth.

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"Cosmic voyage through star portals from the Fifth Dimension to the Ninth Dimension, taking you on a journey that will expand your consciousness through shamanic voice tapestries and language of light."

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“What if the universe is really a giant thought?”


Theodore Reveil is one of the leading lights in String Theory physics, on his way to present his latest research at a triumphant meeting of his colleagues from around the world, when he realizes he has lost the notes for his presentation.


On the verge of panic, he is in the middle of ransacking his hotel room in search of the missing notes when he is stopped in his tracks by a voice—a vision of madness.


Thrown off his game, without his notes and shaken by what he has just experienced, he goes to the podium to deliver his speech nonetheless. And in the midst of his distraction and confusion, he poses the question: “What if the universe, instead of being a giant machine, as we have looked at it and studied it for the past three hundred years, is really a giant thought.”


Then he crosses a line which he can never step back over again, saying, “The infinities and singularities may be telling us that what we are missing is unknowable in terms of physical science. These unsolvable terms in our equations may be roadsigns pointing to consciousness—to God—as the missing piece of the puzzle.”


Antiphony traces the downward spiral of Theodore’s career in the wake of what he has said, and the remarkable transformation that leads him into the depths of madness . . . or the revelation of the Final Theory, the ultimate secret of the universe.

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The unveiling of a new work of art by Jacob Marsteller is typically one of the most highly-anticipated events in the international art scene—but not this time. Jacob’s new piece is a labyrinth of gossamer fabric perched on the peak of a mountain called Entrevoir in a remote corner of the south of France, and it looks as if nobody except Jacob’s teenage children and a few neighbors from the village will bother to show up.

As Jacob finishes dressing for the party, he and his wife Marya begin to argue. She warned him that moving from the vibrant art scene of New York to a tiny village in the middle of nowhere would be a fatal mistake for his career. As she turns her back to him and walks down the stairs, Jacob tells her there was a reason he had to come here to create this piece—and that’s when Jacob’s whole world begins to unravel.  

Without realizing what is happening, he is lifted out of his body and taken to another dimension, where he becomes the watcher, the witness and experiencer of lives he lived six decades ago and thousands of years ago, on other planets and as the highest forms of life. In the span of one instant and over the course of millions of years, Jacob comes to understand that he is not his body, he is not his mind… he is not even his soul. By the end of the amazing unveiling of Jacob’s true Self, he will experience the greatest transfiguration any human being has ever known… the realization of the ultimate nature of human life, and of Spirit itself.


Complex Knowing

Complex Knowing sends the reader on a journey into the hidden realm of the subconscious, where the sixth sense of knowing overwhelms the other five.

Chris Katsaropoulos has written a collection of transcendent poems that turn words and phrases inside out, bringing forth the intricate truths that can be found within a frozen landscape, a lost tribe of warriors, a funeral cortege, or a chrysanthemum weathering a drought. Each of these poems has the power to stop you in your tracks and transform what you thought you knew about the world inside you.



What would happen if every single one of us made the decision to rise above hatred, fear and vengeance?

Unilateral is the story of two young people locked in the brutal grip of a region at war. Amel is a young Palestinian student who lives in the crowded apartment blocks of Gaza and is confused by the hatred, destruction and upheaval that disrupts her family’s simple life. Ra’anan is a fighter bomber pilot in the Israeli Defense Forces who takes his mission very seriously . . . and doesn’t know what it means to fail.

The destinies of Amel and Ra’anan are intertwined, though they cannot yet realize it. The differences and striking similarities of their worlds unfold in a beautifully rendered sequence that swiftly leads to a single moment of transcendent connection, a moment that requires Ra’anan to decide whether he will follow someone else’s commands and destroy Amel’s life, or make the unilateral decision to follow his own heart.

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