Star Being Transmissions

Allowing Yourself to Be Who You Came Here to Be

Oize the Andromedan

This is the time of allowing yourself to be who you came here to be. There is no need to feel as if you are disappointing others anymore by being who you are.

You have tried to create a reality around what others have wanted, what the culture has wanted, what you thought was proper and good. You have tried to be what others have wanted you to be, and this is the time of letting that robe drop off of you. You no longer have to wear this.

This is an opportunity to be who you are and not what the culture has asked you to be, because the culture is no longer what it was. We speak to you from a place of honesty, that this is a time for you to recognize who you are without the culture defining who you are. This is a break in the timeline so that you may see something different, so that you may recognize yourself as who you would choose to be instead of who the culture would choose you to be.

This can be confusing because the culture has determined most of your life. We are not blaming the culture, we are seeing this as an opportunity for you to recognize, and for all to recognize, who they would actually choose to be in life so as to create from their center instead of from the outward perception of what reality is. It is a choice that is made easier now, although in moments it may seem overwhelming and emotional that something has changed. It is your time, it is your awareness from this point of view that you can create something that is more aligned to your soul purpose, as you would say.


I am Oize. I am an Andromedan being who sees this very clearly, for I am outside of your reality, and I see the possibilities of what can come. I see that if you take this and become strong in what is happening instead of weakened by what is happening, you become a culture of love and unity, and you become a culture of those who want to give to each other the promotion of becoming who you really are.


This is a beautiful time, if you will see it in this way. Give to each other without holding back, and yet stay in your one being self, beginning to understand who you are, because in understanding who you are, you give from who you are, and the culture changes. I understand your fear, but I do not acknowledge your fear as the end of what happens. I see it as beauty, I see it as a giving from the Universe, what you actually wanted to have happen: You wanted the change. You wanted to give to each other in a new way. You wanted to give to yourself in a new way. You wanted to give to this planet in a new way.


You thought by doing certain things, you were going to help your planet. But what needed to happen and what is happening is your consciousness had to change. Without that, all stays the same. And so you needed this time to change your consciousness back to a reality of giving, a reality of understanding that the squirrels are your friends.


I am Oize. I understand, I feel you, and I do not judge what you are going through, and you should not judge one another and what you are going through, for this is the time that you asked for, you asked for this. You asked for this transformational time, and I am smiling, I am not in tears, I am smiling as you transform.

The Energy Comes Through as Sound

The Arcturians

And so the energy comes through as sound. And what we ask you to recognize is sound as healing, and although you have heard this and many of you have experienced sound as healing, we are asking you now to experience it with your own voice, to experience your voice now especially.


You can send energy to yourself through your voice. This is why you sing. This is why you sing the songs you do. This is why you sing in the tones you do. It is for your body. Your body asks you to hear the sound of your own voice. And so your body says aahhoooohhhhnnnahhh…. and you may know in your being that there is a reason the sound comes through.


But somewhere inside of you, you may disagree with the sound because you wish it to be more harmonious. Many of you wish that your voice sounded like those that you honor in their voice. This is not what sound healing is. Sound is allowing the frequency to come through you. Sound is allowing the frequency to come through in the way that it comes through.


When you connect your voice as a multi-dimensional way of receiving energy into your physicality, you will stop judging how it sounds, for if you have a pain or sorrow or something that feels disruptive in your field, and you begin to sing whatever song or whatever tone comes through you, this is a feeling, and it can be that simple.


For the frequencies are very disruptive right now, and you have to bring yourself to feel better back into the frequency that allows you to expand. It is okay to be disruptive by hearing or offering a tone that is not natural to others or to yourself in hearing through your ears. But your body experiences these tones differently than your mind does, for your mind carries the memories of what is supposed to sound beautiful. But your body understands that the breaking up of frequencies sometimes does not sound beautiful in the memory of your ears.


At this time on this planet there are disruptive frequencies. It is important for you to understand that there are new songs being written, and the rhythm and the tones are different. Yet there is a breaking up of that which was needed to be dissipated, disappeared in the reality. New songs, new tones, new rhythms, new ways are waiting.


Many of you have been hearing new sounds and not knowing where they are coming from. They are coming from the Seventh Dimension, the Sixth Dimension. They are asking you to hear with your feelings instead of your ears. At this moment this makes you doubt what you are hearing, but it is important to trust that your hearing is now your feelings. It does not need a label, it does not seem to be important to create from a label any longer, because in doing so you have blocked off all that is available to you now.


We speak to you from a frame of your own mind that is open to experience what we are saying, and that frame of your mind will continue to expand if you will allow. It will not stop changing. And so you must allow that which is happening to unfold.


We are the Arcturians. We speak from a place of gentle guidance that you do not have to take if you choose not to. We are your family, and we only wish to give you guidance as a family member would without judgment, only giving guidance from a place that we have been.

We Cannot Make This Okay for You

The Sirians

We cannot make this okay for you. We cannot make this as you would think of as a wish or a prayer to go away. We can only give to you the understanding that there is a reason why you are going through what you are experiencing.

The generosity of your spirit has been given wings. It may not feel like you have wings, but you do. You have curiosity of why this is happening. Why you are going through what you are going through, and it spins in your mind, “Why? What is going on… Why? Why?” And yet, within your being you also are connected with a deeper understanding of why.


You are looking for something, something that you called “Ascension,” “Transformation,” many names for this that you have looked for, that we will not speak of because they connect with negative understandings of change.


You have asked over and over again for change on this planet, and yet when it happens you go into fear because things are not the same. And that fear creates an understanding that is illogical in its lack. You feel as if you do not have what you had before, you have lack. But at this time you have the opportunity to give to each other the gift of everything is available to you that you actually need to be happy, to be peaceful, to be in abundance, and to connect with All There Is.


You may call All There Is… “God.” You may call All There Is… “The Universe.” And for some of you, you may call All There Is… “All There Is.” Everything is available to you, but not in the same perspective that you have lived in the past.


You are being given the opportunity to see that the courageous ones are the ones who can see that there is beauty in this moment, that life is beyond life on Earth. That those who are available to the creativity may see and offer that life is a continuation of experience, that life is a Spirit journey of all experiences. And in this knowing you can instill this planet within its understanding, you can give to this planet the understanding that there are gifts in the quiet, and there are gifts in the activity. If you must become quiet during this time, there is a Universal Mind that will create something that you would not have been able to create if the active human mind and activity had continued.


You are distinguished in the way that you see the Universe. You are distinguished out as one who sees differently. And so you will create from there during this time. But you must also not separate yourself in such a way that those who do not understand, you criticize.


This is a time of compassion and gifts of unity in your words that you may not have said before. Allow yourself in your expression as who you are in this now to gift others a transaction of Universal understanding and human understanding to combine, to become something that is allowed in everyday communication.


We are the Sirians, and we give to you always as family the Golden Light that reminds you of who you are without fearing of being Star Beings. We are not outside of you. We are not aliens. We are family. You look for your ancestors – we are here.

We Cannot Make This Okay for You

Oize the Andromedan

Activating… It’s the way to explain in your human way of understanding what you are doing. You say “activating.” You say “activators.” We say Preparers.

You are preparing this reality to become something different, and through the voice that is speaking you are bringing forth an awakening in this reality of frequency, a change in frequency.


It is your voice, you may speak to the waitress, and you may say, “I would like a glass of water,” and you do not realize that you have put a new frequency into her realm. You are Preparers. You do not have to change them, for they will change themselves.


You are offering something new. You are saying, “Here is a new frequency,” without them knowing this is what you are saying. And they accept because you are not telling them what you are doing.

You do not have to say, “As I speak, I shift frequencies in the room,” for if you said that, they would be confused. Instead, you speak with the knowing that you are changing, that you are preparing them for their own changes. For if you thought you were going to change them, you would be exhausted in trying to change them. They will change themselves by you offering a new frequency to them.


You are beautiful beings who only give of your heart, if you are not in sorrow. If you are in sorrow from trying to change everyone around you, you become what they are. You cannot change them. You offer them a new frequency.


Imagine the new song on the radio that you have never heard, and how it makes you so happy that you want to share it with everyone. “Have you heard this song?” And some people say, “I love that song. That is my new favorite song.” And other people say, “I do not like that song. I do not want to hear that song again.”


You are working with the people that want to hear the new song. It does not matter how many times you play the song for a person who is not ready to hear it or may never like it. It matters that you offer the song to the person who loves it right away who had not heard it before. This is what you are doing with your frequency. You are offering a new song. And those who love it, will love it and they will want to hear more of it, and those who do not – that is okay. They like the old song.


You are preparing, you are not changing. You are preparing those who are ready to create their own change. And those who are ready will be grateful for your frequency. And those who are not will set your frequency aside as they do a song they do not like, without being angry. They just do not want to hear that song, they do not want to hear that frequency.

You are preparing, you are not changing others. You are preparing them for their own personal change. You are giving them the new song on the radio they will either like or not like. Once they have heard the song and they like it, they will wake up with that song in their hearts every morning until a new song arrives.


I am Oize. I am what you would know as a Shaman. And you are what I know as a Shaman. You are connected with everything. You are alive in the experience of all realities. You are presenting an offering, new understandings.


I have much laughter, for in connecting with this being you know as Anara, an aspect of her, she is showing me a being known as Peter Frampton, and we are laughing in our minds together. For what seems new at one point is no longer new. What seemed refreshing is now something you have heard over and over again.


So you are preparing others to hear something new, but it will not stay this way. It will keep changing, and new frequencies will come in. So remind yourself to not stay decided that this is the new way. For the new way, as music, changes. And you will change and you will grow, and you will keep offering the new way and preparing others to open to their new way.


The more you allow yourself to flow without deciding that this is how it is, the more you will be able to offer others the new frequencies that will prepare them to open to these new frequencies without changing them and allowing them to change themselves.


I wish only for you to understand that you hear a song differently than the person next to you hears a song. And so each being changes in their own way. Be at peace with this, and you will be in happiness.